Our Team

Steve Kremisis

Pricipal of The Property House

Jim Markakis

Principal R&W Newtown

Anthony Markakis

Director R&W Newtown

Richard Zangoli

Principals Assistant

Daryl Brewer

Residential Sales Consultant

Michael Xanthoudakis

Residential Sales Consultant

Barbara Hunt

Property Manager / Residential Sales Consultant

Beau Lyon

Sales Associate

Andrew Kazas

Property Officer/ Administration

Michael Katsiambirtas

Property Manager

Kenny Gu

Property Manager

Elia Hanoun

Property Management

Carlos Malta

Property Manager

Manuel Xanthoudakis

Property Management / Office Administration

Olga Kremisis

Personal Assistant/ Accounts

Annie Pradhan

Reception/Marketing & Sales

Henry Wu

Office Accountant

Daisy Li

Accounts/Property Management Administrator